Saturday, October 5, 2013

ProP 7.1 - Crawler

Proud Parent Update - Breaking news, Pilipinas! Izik can now legitimately crawl! Whoopee.

He was able to go places previously by scooting like this.

Notice how his belly still touches the bed here.

Now he can move on all fours. We make him practice by placing toys out of reach.


Show us again, Izik.

"This is easy, mama. All you do is move one knee ahead of the other... viola!"
He is fascinated with socks, so sometimes we use those.

These are clean, by the way. Heehee

I am thinking of asking Pao to place the mattress on the floor again, but we wouldn't know where to put the bed frame. What used to be the blackhole that is the other room has been converted into Malik's bedroom (or a guest room for my mom when she's here). We will have to make arrangements to move the bed to a relative's house temporarily. We manage with the mattress still on the bed...

Izik: "But not for long! Wahaha"

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