Wednesday, October 23, 2013

ProP 7.2 - If you're happy and you know it, raise your hand

Proud Parent Update - This is the point where, for purely selfish reasons, I wish Izik would stay a baby forever. I can't get enough of his two-toothed smile -

The sound of his laughter is one of my favorite sounds in the world -

He has his own quirks. I've told you about his mannerism. He still does that. Lately, he's also been raising his hand...

...a lot.

He can walk sideways while holding on to a wall or the rails of his crib (gumagabay in Filipino)

He likes to tug on hair, mine in particular.

We took him to a party last week (his first ever and happy birthday Magus!).

He liked the balloons.

He's a lot more interactive. Here he is playing with Kuya Malik, who says he's sharing toys with Izik but the numbers of toys within each boy's reach tells us otherwise.

Aaand, buchokoy knows what he wants and knows how to get it.

Awwww. Don't you want to just give that baby a hug?

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  1. That last Izik photo will coax me to give him anything he wants. Aaaw. What a sweetheart! :D


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