Sunday, October 27, 2013

ProP 7.3 - Cookie!

Proud Parent Update - [Izik turned the ripe old age of 8 months yesterday. Before I move on *sniff* here goes one last post that I had lined up for ProP 7.]

Izik's two front upper teeth are starting to break through so we can't really blame him for biting into anything that he can put into his mouth - teethers (which are fine), Malik's toys, the remote control, his diapers and our hair brush (which are NOT fine).

To help him out, poor fellow, we got him the same teething biscuits that we gave Malik. We keep the biscuits in the freezer so they're harder and colder when Izik uses them. These are photos of when we first gave a biscuit to Izik. Enjoy! :)

What's this mom?
You mean I can eat it? Weh?
Ahhh. There you go.

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