Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Quirky - Part Deux

Malik is impatient. He may have gotten the trait from either side of the family (Pao's Lolo Octave or my dad). Here he is waiting for his chicken in Bon Chon. Five minutes later, he's saying "I don't like adults. They don't like to bring me food." Uh-oh.

I showed pictures of Malik's new toys from the Disney Planes movie for a reason. It's because sometimes he not only pretends to be Gru -

- he also sometimes shows up as Dusty Crophopper in the mall. Zoom.

He used stamps for "tattoos" last month. He kept saying he's Jackie Chan. I don't remember seeing any Jackie Chan movie lately, much less one where he sports tattoos. I wonder where Malik got the idea.

Also last month Malik slipped after taking a bath and cut his lips for the first time. Can you see them here? Never mind Izik (that cute meddling photobomber in the background. Heehee)

The Internet says Malik should know which hand he prefers to write with by now. Uhm, I don't think so -

In any case, I'm still so proud because he's able to draw lines and circles. Have I shared his self-portrait?

This appears in the front cover of Malik's first ever progress report card. Teacher says Malik drew himself by himself. My friend noticed that circle in the middle and wondered whether that could be Ironman's heart. Pwede.

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