Monday, October 14, 2013

Pancake versus Pancake

Long after the rest of the population has stricken off iHop from their must-try list, we were finally able to go a few weeks ago.

I'm so glad we didn't have to line up for 3 hours for the food that we ordered because that would have been depressing.

iHop pancakes aren't fluffy or dense, either of which would have been acceptable. They' do i say this...air-y and they don't taste like buttermilk at all. So not worth the trip from QC. Even Izik was not impressed. Hohum -

Where I'd really like to go back to is Slappy Cakes (we tried the one at The Block). I first saw someone put hotcake batter in ketchup bottles here. I thought it was an excellent activity for kids but I couldn't be bothered to actually prepare it because our kitchen is not fit for children's activities (saksakan sya ng dumi *sigh*). And so imagine my delight when we chanced upon Slappy Cakes. They give you batter in squeeze bottles so you can make your own pancakes right on your table.

The buttermilk pancake has a vanilla taste to it but it's not too sweet as to not require pancake syrup. So even with just pancakes shaped like regular pancakes (round), Slappy Cakes would have been great. But wait! The squeeze bottles allow you to create all sorts of shapes and tada, letters!

Malik enjoyed telling me what letters to make next. Older children may enjoy making their own pancakes.

The downside is that Slappy Cakes is a bit pricey. We had to pay P300++ for a bottle of pancake batter. It was good pancake batter, but still, it was just PANCAKE.
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