Saturday, October 12, 2013

What's new with Malachi

Here's a quick round-up of things that Malik's been busy with lately. For well, you know, Malik's fans out there.

Hello fans. 

As you know, we're still working on Malik's fine motor skills. We're making a little progress but generally, he still doesn't like picking up writing implements. We try to make him appreciate the beauty of being able to put his thoughts into written/drawn works, so a few weeks ago I got him some finger paint. I expected Malik to draw with his hands but he asked me to put paint on his palms so he could make palm prints like in The Croods. Oh well.

We used the paint for a project that will hopefully teach Malik about money and how it works. Will tell you more about that later.


We watched Disney Planes as soon as it opened in theaters because Malik loved Cars so much. Planes is a crappy movie that unapologetically attempts to milk money out of the Cars franchise, but that's just my opinion. Malik loved it. Anyway, we couldn't get Malik toys of the characters here because they're crazy expensive (or at least more expensive that what toys ought to be). But Pao went on a trip a month ago and was able to score these from the HK airport. These are Malik's favorite toys at the moment. Well, next to the iPad (see below).

Dusty Crophopper and El Chupacabra ("You are not even worthy of a cape swish." Heehee)

We only let Malik play with the iPad on weekends because his screen addiction wasn't healthy anymore. The problem with this set-up is that we hardly get to talk/play with Malik on weekends because he's bent on getting as much play time on the iPad as he can, while he can. He's playing with the thing even when it's charging. He doesn't mind having to kneel down for it. It's ridiculous.

Smile for the camera, honey.

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