Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Monchichi Boy

I'm having a fantastic time crocheting things for the boys. I can't say I'd enjoy crocheting for a living. But I very much enjoy doing it on weekends and at night after Izik's gone to bed. Here's another of my crochet projects, a monkey hat following this pattern for our very own monkey boy -

This took a while for me to finish. Prior to doing it, I only had practice working in spirals because that's what you did with amigurumi. This one required working in joined rounds. Since I haven't perfected that yet, you'll see the part at the back of the hat where I joined. Oh well. My monkey is clueless as to his hat's many imperfections.

I also had to unravel so many times before getting the size right. Here's my 2nd attempt. Too small. Sigh.

I didn't think counting my stitches was important. It's important! Here's a photo of my hat in progress (the one where I counted) -

A friend pointed out that Monkey Boy looks like Monchichi here -

I quickly Googled who this Monchichi is, and it turns out, he's right! Down to the part where my monkey sucks his thumb.

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