Monday, November 18, 2013

Oh a silly hat

I made a few hats since the smashing success of Izik's monkey hat. I made a Mike Wazowski hat for Malik -

This was the point where Malik watched Monsters University day and night. He crouched at the foot of our bed and screamed at the top of his lungs to supposedly scare us. Rawrrr.

We pretended to be scared, of course, because that's what the kids did in Monsters, Inc. He wore a baseball cap on top of this Mike Wazowski hat and carried bags in our room. His inspiration? This -

And then I found a hat pattern that used dcs instead of hdcs. It worked up easier. I first asked Malik if he wanted to be an evil minion or a regular minion because really, Izik has no clue what's going on. Malik said he wanted to be an evil minion so I made Izik's hat first (it's easier to make) -

When I posted a photo of this on Facebook, a few of my friends asked if I could make similar hats for their kids. I can but it will take a while. Now I have a few of these lined up for Christmas.

Malik's evil minion hat was last in my hat list (for the time-being). The hat itself didn't take long to make.

But the minion hair was a pain to tie and unravel.

I am getting so much mileage out of the minion hats. I especially like it when Malik wears his evil minion hat and chases whoever is carrying Izik around the house. The sound of the boys' laughter when they play is well-worth the hours that I spend fiddling with my yarns. These are just priceless.

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