Tuesday, November 12, 2013

ProP 8.0 - Get up, stand up

Proud Parent Update - I wish I could carry Izik around in my pocket all day. He's the cutest! (This coming from his mother. Ha!) He has hair running down the sides of his head that curl at the tip. So cute.

I seldom make him wear shoes because I want him to stay a baby for as long as possible. But he's been practicing and can now stand on his own.

Here's one where he's really on his feet. Awww -

He has four upper teeth simultaneously breaking through. He's bitten my shoulder once because of it, but that's the most damage he's done so far.

I sometimes feel guilty when I let him play by himself in his playpen so I can work at my amigurumi. It looks like he also appreciates crochet though. When he's fidgety, I give him a strand of yarn and he's good to go.

We haven't placed our bed on the floor yet. There just isn't enough space. But we use a smaller mattress for whoever is not on baby duty for the night. Izik's been using that to knock whatever it is he can get his hands on, to the wall. It was a ball this time -

Ooh, and he's been busy reading.

Better start with the Your Baby Can Read program soon.

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