Thursday, November 21, 2013

ProP 8.1 - The sound of one hand clapping

Proud Parent Update - Quickly, before Izik turns 9 months old next week, we need to do a quick round-up of the things that he's been up to lately. There aren't too many new habits going on actually. He still likes to practice standing up on his own -

At night, while we're lounging around in bed, he will want to rest on my legs from crawling position -

- just so he gets his feet planted firmly...and then he lets go. He smiles a very wide smile when he does it. We think he knows he's doing a fantastic job. I want to hire a marching band to cheer him on everytime he does that.

For a while, he kept biting his tongue.

For what reason? We're not sure. I think doing this eases the pressure from his many teeth breaking through. He's since stopped doing it though. Hmmm.

This month's blog-worthy event is Izik's ability to clap on cue. We sing this when we want to make Izik clap: "Clap, clap, clap Izik gwapo. Clap, clap, clap Izik pogi." Lame, I know, but he's just too cute when we're successful.

On a related note, ang pogi-gwapo naman talaga ng batang ito! Hehe

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