Sunday, November 3, 2013

Tickled Moms

Customer service is so bad in the Philippines that it surprises me everytime a business treats me right. Take, for example, my experience with Tickled Moms.

I was looking for baby carriers to circulate with our other carriers when I came across their brand. Their pouch is affordable (only P350) and the reviews were okay so I decided to give it a try.

Our online transaction didn't start out too well. I placed my order and paid for it on September 11. Four days later, I still haven't received the pouch so I sent them email(s). Turns out there was a glitch in their matrix (their server daw) so they weren't able to receive my order/mail.

They were profusely apologetic about it though and I was used to these hiccups when buying online so I shrugged my shoulders and waited patiently for the pouch to arrive. I got the pouch on the 19th. I was so excited to use it, after the long wait, but couldn't because the sizing was too small and they sent me a pouch in the wrong color! Hala!

So I again sent Tickled Moms an SMS (good thing they have contact information in their Facebook page) and asked if they could shoulder return shipping. Clarice of Tickled Moms not only agreed to shoulder return shipping, she also offered to send me two other pouches to try on for size to make sure I get the fit right. I was impressed.

This was the point where all previous blunders were forgiven and I decided to write them a good review if I ever become famous or find the time, whichever comes first. I found the time. Heehee

My Tickled Pouch is now the most abused baby carrier in our closet.

I like that it has a rib that runs along the spine, so that Izik really sits into the pouch.

Tickled Moms claims that the pouch is breathable, but I don't think it is. The material feels like local custom-made sportswear, so it isn't exactly as breezy as say, cotton. But I'm sure it will dry easily if it ever becomes wet (like in the beach?Hmmm.)

I also appreciate that it folds small and comes with a drawstring pouch. It makes it easy for us to keep it in Izik's bag and to carry it around when it's not in use. Sulit na for the price.

A word of caution though. I think their sizing runs small. I ordered an XS based on the instructions in the website (I measured 21" from my shoulder to the opposite hip). But the XS pouch that I got was really extra small. It couldn't even fit Izik's legs. I ended up gettig the S which was still snug. Here's Tickled Mom's size S placed on top of an Indigo Baby carrier, also in small.

Maybe you can find them in bazaars so you can try out the pouch first before buying. That is all.
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