Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Malik's 4th Despicable Me Birthday Party

We had a small celebration in school for Malik's 4th birthday. I've been preparing for Malik's party for about a month. In contrast to actual parties with hundreds of people in attendance, this one's a breeze to plan.

I'm especially proud of the minion food! Or at least the containers where we placed the food. Heehee

The first containers are compostable chicken boxes from our friendly neighborhood supermarket. The printable water bottle labels, invitations and cupcake toppers are free from here (Thank you, from the 3rd world!).

Malik's cake was the highlight of his special day. It is pretty awesome isn't it?

I wish I could tell you where we got the cake, but I wouldn't want to contribute to their business. They're my least favorite part in this year's party planning and are not exactly a pleasure to do business with. :\

Anyway, happy birthday love! You will always be our favorite kuya.

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