Thursday, December 5, 2013

Mommy's little elf

Made this penguin to give to Carina on her birthday. I like that he's pudgy.

This rabbit was a wala-lang gift for Pao. He's more difficult to make because I used thin cotton thread and my smallest Susan Bates hook.

Malik tried to adopt him but Pao won't budge.

I have been making a few owls the last three weeks or so. They're a work in progress. I still have to embroider eyes and beaks and put tufts on their heads.

I hope to take a photo of all of them together when they're done before I send them to their owners.Through all these, I've been getting help from my little elf.

"You mean I get to tear this apart? And you won't get mad? Cool."

He's on fiber fill duty. Do not disturb.

"I got this mom. Hi-ya!"

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