Thursday, December 26, 2013

One day in a year

For one day in a year, I get to take the loves of my life to work. I wrote about Malik's trip to my office last year, here. This year, there's two of them to bring, which means there's twice the fun (and chaos)!

What are you doing Malik? Don't you pull an April Boy on me.

It escaped me that Malik wore this same shirt when he first visited me at the office. My co-worker noticed and I looked it up on the blog to double-check. Whatdya'know, this shirt is patently recycled!

Mommy's going to get you new clothes this week, honey.
Promise. :p

Izik and I just hung around the sidelines, while Malik joined the games.

Malik got grumpy because he got eliminated early in the "the boat is sinking game." So I got all competitive and helped him win the "bring me game". We won this torotot and he was all-smiles after. Silly kid.

Bee-dah. Bee-dah.

Meanwhile, Izik was just happy waving around this balloon on a stick.

Malik can't compete with the other kids when it came to singing Psy songs or whatever it is that's playing on MTV now. But he did sing Hey Jude and some songs from the Frozen soundtrack (more on this later).

What are you doing Malik? Don't you go all ninja on me.

Remember Bea - Malik's girlfriend from three years ago? Bea's a little older than Malik but that's no cause for concern because her parents just welcomed this darling little princess to their family. Hello there, Bella.

She's pre-qualified. Heehee

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