Friday, December 6, 2013

ProP 9.0 - Mom-ma

Proud Parent Update - May bagong salita na si baby! Izik can say "Mama"! Yey.

We haven't done any decorating for the holidays yet. I'm just too lazy. The good news is that the parol that was installed last year is still outside our window. We make the "effort" of turning it on at night. Izik is amused.

Late last month, we began introducing Izik to the Filipino food staple - rice! He sat on a high chair for the first time at the Manila Hotel (more on this soon) and for the 2nd time in this kapampangan restaurant -

"I'm too sexy for this chair."
On the nursing front, he's only beginning to learn how to hold his own milk bottle at 9 months. I seldom pump milk at work anymore (huhu) although Izik still nurses from me when I get home. He's had to drink formula from a bottle while I'm gone.

Piece o' cake
These are it, more or less. Hello there my buchokoy.

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