Monday, December 16, 2013

ProP 9.1 - Walk, walk, walk

Proud Parent Update - Izik likes to walk. This doesn't mean he knows how to already, but he's practicing.

Look at him so happy!

Sometimes when we're carrying him, he will insist that we put him down so he can crawl on the floor and practice walking.

They like to play "soccer" while I watch. This just involves Malik and Izik kicking a plush soccer ball around.

Izik's toys are mixed in with Malik's toys so he sometimes ends up playing with something not age-appropriate, like a canister of play-doh (which he won't be able to open. Ha!)

Malik is sneaky. When Izik is playing with a toy that Malik likes, Malik will sureptitiously replace it with another toy while Izik is looking away so Malik can play with the ertswhile object of Izik's attention. Izik doesn't far.

I don't know how that will work out for you Malik when your brother gets older.

In other news, I bought Izik new leggings last week. I declare these to be "man-leggings" because they're, uhm, blue. Heehee

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