Monday, December 23, 2013

ProP 9.2 - Sleeping with my eyes open

Proud Parent Update - Izik can sleep with his eyes partly open.

I swear, he's sleeping here.
This skill will come in handy in the future. We actually know someone who's able to sleep while seated and with her eyes open. She is now a doctor. Hehe

We have been taking buchokoy on more outings lately. We were scared he'd catch a cold while out during the holidays but so far we've been lucky *puwera usog*.

At Lolo Alex's and Lolo Girlie's anniversary lunch
We took Izik on our Christmas shopping marathon last Friday and he was such a trooper. This photo was taken after spending 5 hours at my office's annual kids Christmas party (more on this later) -

Izik in his partey-partey mood
The stroller is getting a lot more use now, versus the baby slings.

Izik has gotten heftier since he started drinking more formula. I haven't been pumping milk in the office for so many reasons (my thermal lunch bag going MIA, being one of them). So now Izik often pushes me away when I try to nurse him *sniff*. Maybe he's used to drinking from a bottle already and refuses to wait for the let down. By the looks of it, we will probably stop nursing when he turns 10 months old next week. :(

In other news, we took Izik to kids church for the first time this month. He fell asleep while we were in the queue to get inside the new rainbow room -

Izik Zamora: Toddler :)
When he woke up, he played with other kids (not his kuya) for the first time.

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