Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Bunny Baker (A Review)

I didn’t want to blog about my experience with the maker of Malik’s Despicable Me cake, because I didn’t think they were worth the energy. But after some thought and consideration, I realized a review would be helpful not only to potential customers but also to the bakers – so they know how to improve service and such. Here goes. This will be lengthy.

We ordered Malik’s cake from The Bunny Baker. They came with a stellar review from my friend Mel, who ordered a cake from them for her friend’s baby shower. Since I trusted Mel’s taste, I decided to give them a try.

They were nice and accommodating while I was placing my order. I had a lot of questions but Aila patiently answered each one until my order was finalized. The cake didn’t come cheap, by my middle-class standards. We were to pay P5,550 for an 8” cake.

I ordered and paid our down payment way ahead of Malik’s birthday because I knew The Bunny Baker was in-demand. One week before Malik’s birthday, I asked for a sketch of the cake to show to Malik. You know how kids are. They get excited over these little things. Here is where my experience with The Bunny Baker turned odd. So I write them a decent business email. In return, I get a terse reply that I found a little mocking -

I know what cake toppers are, obviously, but that wasn’t the point was it? I wanted to show my son a sketch of his birthday cake. So I send another email, which may or may not already reflect my disapproval of the tone of The Bunny Baker’s response –

I then received this reply -

I understand that their kids are celebrating their birthdays and as parents, they would have to make preparations. But this shouldn’t get in the way of them delivering good customer service. Otherwise, they shouldn’t have taken my order in the first place. So a few days pass and I finally get a sketch from them. It was obviously made for substantial compliance. Fine.

I may just be old-fashioned but I found the fact that the sketch was sent to me without a covering email, offensive. Not even a brief “Hello, please see attached. Sorry for the delay.” That’s Rule No. 1 in email etiquette. The sketch was just sent to me, without explanation, as if to say “Here. Knock yourself out.”

I got another terse, dismissive email from them when I asked that Gru be made to smile or smirk because Malik asked why Gru was angry when I showed him the sketch.

"ok noted." Seriously?

So I pick up the cake and who’s there to hand it to me? The driver, who was, maybe purposefully, clueless as to how much I was yet to pay. Good thing I looked it up before picking up the cake. But I again found offensive the fact that the driver was made to impersonally hand the cake to me. It was as if they were telling me “Get your cake. We don’t care how much you pay. We have plenty of other customers to entertain.”

Part of the fun in sourcing suppliers for parties is meeting new people and interacting with them. I like the supplier that I’m dealing with to make me feel that my business, no matter how small, is important and appreciated. I’m just saying, I did NOT get this feeling from The Bunny Baker. It was as if I owed them a huge thanks for accepting my order. Mainly for this reason, I will NOT be ordering from them again.

But customer-service aside, the cake isn’t really worth it, in my opinion. The toppers looked awesome, I'll give them that.

But: (1) the final cake didn't look at all like the sketch that they sent; (2) the cake was dry (I ordered vanilla), and (3) the frosting was not at all what I paid for (I paid extra for Ferrero frosting but all I tasted was sugar.)

The other day, I stabbed a knife at Gru’s back just out of curiousity. He’s apparently made of styro.

I wasn't told this topper was going to be made of styro. Is this standard practice?

Good thing Malik didn’t bite into it. I would have written this review earlier if he did.

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