Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Crochet here, crochet there, crochet everywhere

I finished making all six amigurumi owls for my lawyer friends. Tada!

After these, I took a break from making amigurumi to try my hand at wearable crochet (other than hats and beanies). I first worked on this flower that I attached to a headwrap and gifted to my goddaughtter Bella -

And then a friend asked why I wasn't making baby booties. Come to think of it, making shoes wasn't really in my radar because I could buy those ready made. I didn't see any point in spending so much time making something that I could easily buy from SM. But I wanted to know if I could make one and so I did -

This project took a literal turn, unfortunately. I literally made just one bootie. Izik loved gumming on his new boot -

- but I made it too small for his feet. Toink.

So this project has been shelved. I will be making the other half when I meet a new little person whom I like enough to dress. :)

The last piece of wearable crochet that I made before working on my current project was a granny shawl for my mom. I hoarded on hand dyed cotton yarns in the prettiest of pastel colors -

My quality control specialist tested the yarns and said they were worth making into a masterpiece -

I kept taking breaks from this project though. Here is Izik using my half-done shawl as a "walking tool" (I know. Why is this 10-month old baby carrying a sword?!! Haha) -

And here is Malik using it in his afternoon role as "Galema". Hahaha -

I realized I don't enjoy doing the same stitch for so many rows. This got boring eventually. So I stopped after 17 rows and decided that it's going to be large scarf. Tada!

Detours and redefinitions notwithstanding, I like how this turned out. I will be getting a lot of use from it where we are going late this year. Yey.

Now I'm back to making toys. What have I been up to? This -


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