Monday, June 2, 2014

A million things

...have happened since I last wrote on the blog. I was thinking of letting this thing just die a natural death, but I couldn't let go of all the memories that I've kept here all these years. Naks.

These are my kids. Remember them? They've gotten so big! Accck.
Let's go ahead and give you (my one reader) a rundown of our lives since February. I hope to write more extensively about these things when I find the time. If I don't get around to doing it, well, at least there's this post. Right.

1. Izik got his first ever haircut. I was trying to delay this inevitable event for the longest time, but my MIL kept dropping hints here and there to the effect that Izik's long-ish hair wasn't compatible with the summer weather. I missed Izik's baby hair the moment the barber snipped it. *sigh*

BEFORE - Glorious baby hair on my baby's head.


AFTER *sigh*
2. We celebrated Izik's first birthday. Had I been writing religiously for the blog, I would have had an account of how we pulled this monsterrific extravaganza (extravaganza talaga? LOL) together. But since I neglected the blog while we were planning it, suffice it to say that - We partied. It was a success. Yey.

This is our DIY candy buffet. I love sweets and thought of hiring someone to do this, but decided that we'll just do it ourselves at the last minute. Friends and relatives chipped in when they can. This was fun.

Pao and I made the party hats the night before. Bumenta naman. 

3. I am still crochet-ing (if there is ever such a word). I thought I'd forget about this hobby as fast as I picked it up, but apparently, it's sticking around. Here are a few of the things that I've made since February. I know, I'm awesome. [Cue: Round of applause here]

My masterpiece - Happy the hippo.
When I tell people I crochet, I show them a picture of Happy so they would believe me.
It works every time.

Scarf + Hoodie = Scoodie (or Hoorf, whichever you like better)

Izik's The Very Hungry Catterpillar hat
This is a cowl, which is just a fancy term for a scarf with ends sewn together. (Using this pattern.)

Seymour the cat
Urban Shells Beanie made of organic cotton yarn

Beanie No. 2, also made of organic cotton yarn

Bulky skull cap, again made with organic cotton yarn

Cowl no. 1, following this pattern.  I'm making another one of these to give to my awesome cousin Me-ann.
(Are you reading this? Yes, you're awesome. Hehe)
4. You may have noticed, I have been making an unusually large number of hats/beanies. Those are for my mom, who was diagnosed with peritoneal cancer in early March. Cancer has changed our lives drastically. Dealing with it is so difficult, not only for my mother who has had to endure so much pain, but also for our family. I wish this never happened, but well, it did. My mother is on her way to recovery and I am praying every day for her healing (would appreciate it if you can include her in your prayers too).

5. Because my mother got sick, we packed our bags and went to see her in the United States of Amerrrka. Izik rode an airplane for the first time. He had no idea.

Do you notice my cowl? Nothing beats handmade.
Going on "vacation" with a four-year old and a one-year old is an experience worthy of a novel. I will get around to writing that as soon as I retire from my employment. Toink.

While Pao and I were running around like headless chicken, chasing after the kids, they had a blast meeting Lighting McQueen and such other inanimate celebrities. Again, I hope to write more about our trip in the coming days. Let me underline hope for you there.

Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA

I left my heart in San Francisco. Really, I did.

So much open space. Great weather.

Plenty of places to hang around. How can you not fall in love with this city? *swoon*

Disney California Adventure, Anaheim, CA
Malik was obsessed with bridges for a while, since going on a field trip in school.
This is the longest suspension bridge he's ever seen in his [4-year] life. Salute.
When in the U.S., eat as the Americans. In-and-out y'all.

Sta. Monica Beach, Sta. Monica, CA


Here's where we stayed. Orange County, CA.

California Science Center, Los Angeles, CA

Disneyland, Anaheim, CA

Natural History Museum, Los Angeles, CA

Si Kuya conversing with my baby

Universal Studios, Los Angeles, CA
 That's about it. Apparently, only five (not a million) things happened since I last blogged. Not so much when you look at it that way, but my life is never the same.

P.S. Oooh. Here's a photo of Izik's first trip to the beach. So that's six things. See you guys around!

Anvaya Cove, Morong, Bataan

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