Tuesday, June 10, 2014


I have a feeling that Izik will learn to talk early. At a little over a year old, he's learned these words -

Te - "tent," which is his favorite thing to do when he's on our bed. He'll grab a blanket, hand it to me and ask that I make a Te. He's giddy with excitement while I'm "making" the Te. Actually, I will just pull the blanket over my head and let him sit inside like this. He has no idea. Hehe

Buh - "ball" "balloon" or "bird" depending on what he's pointing at. In this photo Buh is a balloon.

Duh - "dog," typically our neighbor's poodle. I notice Izik loves animals. He's enjoyed watching them since he was a teeny baby. Sometimes he uses Duh to refer to all sorts of animals, other than a Buh (see above).

Dede - "milk". Izik learned this word before he turned a year old, which was fantastic because that leaves us with one less option to consider when he's crying. Now when Izik cries, we know he needs something other than Dede because if he did, he would have told us exactly that.

These are, of course, all in addition to "papa" and "mama" which Izik says occasionally but aren't really used to refer to Pao or myself yet. We'll work on these soon enough.

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